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So I commend the enjoyment of life, because nothing is better for a man under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany him in his work all the days of the life God has given him under the sun. Ecclesiasties 8:15

Sunday, June 26, 2011


There are so many things I wish I had a gift for.

Making people truely laugh is one of them. Sure I can spread a good yarn every now and then and get a good chuckle, but to make them all out laugh until tears are flowing I don't have it.

Take this new blog I started reading, I was in tears, my friends were in tears, my friends' parents were in tears. It was hilarious. Mainly because of her straightforward take on life. And the fact that her life reminds me of my own. Mostly her relationship with her husband and her friends. Not so much the crazy part. HA!

I have always said that I wish I could make my husband laugh as much as his sister does. The two of them get together and he has tears rolling down his face he's laughing so hard. Something I've never been able to do for him. Roles reversed, I have laughed until my insides hurt the next day from his hilarity.

Maybe one day I can have that ability, but until then I'll have to satisfied with the amount of laughter I can drum up.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


There are some days I just don't understand.

I don't understand how you have to chew your breath before you take it.

I don't understand how a pregnant woman such as myself is effected so much more by it than other regular people.

I mean seriously, do we not have enough on our plates with the whole gestation thing that we have to be sensitive to temperatures too? My feet ache, my back hurts, I can't keep food down, smells throw me off... and let's top all that off with a slight change in pressure/temperature/humidity.. and I'm MIS_ER_A_BLE.

I don't like to complain outwardly, so that's where blogging comes in. I will complain and not feel guilty. LOL

But not much, because the guilt has a tendancy of creeping in.

6 weeks left before baby dude is here and I am SO ready! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I want a vacation

I want a vacation.

I want to escape from my life for a couple days and just enjoy life with no responsibilites. No responsibiltiy to make sure those around me are having fun, etc.

I feel like I'm having a miniature pity party, which is probably partially true. Pre Baby blues? More than likely. I look around my house surrounded by the stuff essential to make this new little person's life comfortable. And I realize I have no room. I have boxes and tubs of clothes sitting around. I have laundry that is clean and dirty sitting in piles around me.

I have projects begging to be done in my dining room. Dresses for my daughter to be sewn. Fabulous bags needing to be made up as they are for trade for yet more stuff that I'm getting from my mother. I have an entire homeschool classroom in my dining room as well that I had great and grand hopes to revamp and redo this summer so it would be fun and fresh for this fall. I know the summer is young, but I had expected to get started somewhat already.

My kitchen is a mess. My bedroom is a mess. My newest son's place in this world is non exsistant. I have to completely re-do my daugher's closet of a room before I can even HOPE to make room for the baby dude.

And the motivation to do everything?


What am I wanting? A vacation. An out of preggo body experience. With no responsibilities and no demands. No, "Mama, can you clip my nails?".. No, "Mama come wipe my butt."... No, "Mama I have an owie."...

Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't change an nth of my life, for the world on a silver platter.... but tonight... I wish I could escape my responsibilites for a day, then come back to reality and realize everything has fallen into place.

...and another thing

Just one more thing I can't eat:

It wern't purty.


So sleepy.

So tired.

So ready to be done being pregnant.

I can only hope that after baby dude makes his appearance, I have more energy.

For now, I am sloth.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Back In The Saddle...

So I'm getting back in the groove of blogging.

Yeah we'll see how well this works.

I even added tab at the top of my stupid computer screen that shortcuts right TO here! You'd think that'd inspire me to purge my thoughts into cyber space.


For anybody following. Pregnancy is still hunky dorey. Little boy is rockin' the womb, littelry, and I'm feeling decent most of the time.

Except for the stupid fact I can't eat:




Green Peppers

Potato Skins

ANYTHING that is hard to digest.

However unlimited amounts of THIS crap is acceptable...

What in the world.

Me thinks that my future of getting back on the weight loss bandwagon is going to be a difficult journey after the truck load of Cheetos I've eaten.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I Am Not a Chef

Recently on Facebook a friend of mine suggested I should try to get on the show "Chopped".

I am not a chef.

I have never claimed to be a chef.

After a conversation with another friend we both agreed that putting good food on a plate and having people enjoy it, is enough for us.

Being able to admit that we know not everything and yet having those special few people we call when we need a cooking question answered is a huge thing for us.

I am lucky enough to have 2 chefs in my family. Trained, schooled Chefs, not just people who cook well and "claim" to be a chef.

I also have a friend who is a baking queen and can pretty much answer almost any baking question.

I just want to say Bravo to those of you who are Chefs... I apprecaite you, all you do, the hard work you put in, and I would never claim to be one of you... I wouldn't want to be. Mainly because I'd pay money for schooling and then have to work a job to pay off my debt. Both of which would take me away from my kids.

Thank you very much, but I'll experiement here and there, and still never be able to compete with my children's love for the blue box mac and cheese with hot dogs and corn.